Edwin Ho is a Singapore-born, Paris-based photographer who is returning to his first great passion, music.

He has always harboured a childhood dream to perform in some way, be it as a singer or musician. But there weren’t many opportunities or avenues to embark on a career in music then, and thus he went into another creative field – graphic design, and subsequently photography.

Edwin says, “Although I have no formal musical training, I want to chase my dreams before it’s too late. I don’t want to wake up one day and have regrets that I didn’t even try. I am not a professional singer and don't profess to be one. I simply hope to create music that others will enjoy and appreciate.”

The former magazine art director moved to the US in 2000, where his career as a commercial photographer took off. He has worked for clients such as Procter & Gamble, AT&T and Philip Morris in the US, and has also travelled to Asia to work on regional campaigns for clients such as Nokia, Visa, Unilever and Johnnie Walker. Besides advertising work, he also does editorial shoots for publications such as L'Officiel, Harpers’ Bazaar, ELLE, National Geographic, Flaunt, Maxim, In Style, ZINK, City, Marie Claire US and Surface.

Edwin moved to Paris in 2010, where he continues to pursue his photography career.


These songs are almost a kind of autobiography, reflecting different aspects of my life, both past and present. They are about people who have touched me and beliefs which I hold dear.

Music by: Timothy Tate

Lyrics by: Edwin Ho

November Song

This is about the relationship between my parents and I. It's about regret and forgiveness. We have a rocky relationship, and this song is about leaving behind the disappointments of the past, and moving on, achieving happiness and peace with myself, and forgiving them for the shortcomings in our relationship.

Produced by: CQ & KK

Music Arrangement by: Timothy Tate

Guitar by: Timothy Tate

Violin by: Sebastien Maillet

Mixing Arrangement by: Yellow Box Studios


This is a love song that I wrote for the love of my life. Although there is some uncertainty about the relationship in the beginning, it is ultimately about deciding to treasure and protect this relationship.

Produced by: Liu Zhi Wen

Music Arrangement by: Timothy Tate

Guitar by: Timothy Tate

Violin by: Sebastien Maillet

Mixing Arrangement by: Yellow Box Studios


I believe that people should not be hasty in judging another unless they have experienced what he or she has gone through. Through this song, I want to tell others that despite the criticisms you might face, have the courage to live your dreams.

Produced by: Peter Tan

Music Arrangement by: Timothy Tate

Guitar by: Timothy Tate

Background Vocal Arrangement by: Timothy Tate & Peter Tan

Background Vocal by: Peter Tan、Linsey Li & Timothy Tate

Mixing Arrangement by: Yellow Box Studios


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Good Cause

I have been fortunate that many people have helped me along the way, including friends who have encouraged and supported me. And I believe in paying it forward.

As a photographer, I have contributed my time and skills to raise funds for breast cancer awareness in Singapore and the Lance Armstrong Foundation which supports cancer research in New York. I would love to continue to do that with my music.

So instead of putting out a CD, I’m putting my songs online, with an option for listeners to download the songs and donate the proceeds to the Children’s Cancer Foundation (www.ccf.org.sg).

While your most important contribution remains your open mind and ears, I hope that you will consider making a donation to a worthy cause.